What if I told you that it’s possible to get more leads without getting overwhelmed by spending time on social media and on your screen?

Yes! It’s possible with Pinterest!

Pin it EASY is a Pinterest Strategy and Management Package solely crafted for scaling service providers and online business owners who want to amplify their reach, bring in more leads and get more clients through Pinterest.

Remember, Pinterest is more than just a social platform - it's a visual search engine. People come here with specific ideas in mind, making it the perfect place to showcase your content and offers. By using eye-catching visuals and targeted keywords, you can capture the attention of your ideal audience and meet their search needs.

Pinterest is a great place to get your BURNING HOT LEADS - people who are ready to buy.

You might be thinking “I’ve been using it for ages but I haven’t seen any results.”

Well, that's what I am here for!

This package aims to:

  • Bring in more people to your sales funnel
  • Establish your brand
  • Make your lead generation seamless and effortless
  • Increase your reach and even your sales
  • Help you save more time in generating leads so you can focus on the important things in your business

All of these lead to our goal which is... to fill your sales funnel with ideal clients through a solid Pinterest strategy so that you can get more sales without spending too much time on your screen.

This is for you, if:

You want to work smarter not harder, you’re ready to use Pinterest to its potential as a lead generation machine

You want to double your reach, impression, impact and sales.

Your sales funnel is already bringing you moolah but want to amplify your presence more and get more sales

You believe that your offer is definitely what your ideal clients are looking for and you want them to see it

You believe that you are the best asset of your business and you’re ready to delegate lead generation activities such as Pinterest marketing

You know that success doesn’t happen overnight and are willing to work with an expert to help you achieve your business goals.

You want to spend less time on social media and more time doing the things that you love.

These might be results you're looking for...

You will be supported using my signature framework:

The Pin it EASY Framework

Evaluate the existing funnel

 Before we start collaborating, we will ensure that your sales funnel is fully optimized and ready for success on Pinterest. This process involves evaluating your entire funnel and understanding the journey your potential buyers go through before making a decision.

Audit and assess

If you already have a Pinterest account, we'll conduct a thorough audit to ensure that your ideal clients can easily discover you. Our goal is to optimize your Pinterest profile so that it attracts the right audience.

Strategize and Implement

This is the pivotal stage where the magic of keyword research and a well-crafted Pinterest strategy comes into play. Leveraging your existing content and offers, we'll conduct a thorough keyword research process to ensure that your ideal clients can easily discover you amidst the sea of content on Pinterest.

Yield and Measure

Each month, we will schedule a call to thoroughly review and analyze the outcomes of the Pinterest strategy we have put into action. During this meeting, we'll delve into various key performance indicators (KPIs) to gain valuable insights into the strategy's impact and effectiveness.

What's included?

Pinterest Strategy

As we start working towards your goals, we will discuss what strategy we will use to achieve the result you desire and we will start with developing a strategy that aligned with you and your brand.

Keyword Research

Since Pinterest is a search engine, identifying what keyword to focus on is very important, included in this package is the keyword research to make sure that your ideal clients can find you.

Monthly Pin Graphics

Consistency is the key when it comes building your brand in Pinterest, inside this package you will get 10-15 pins per link.

Monthly Reporting

At the end of the month, we will review the result of the current Pinterest strategy to see if it works or we need to alter something in the strategy.


Need anything from me? You can contact me during office hours regarding your questions and concern.

Here's what my clients are saying

She started directing traffic to my blog and my website from there which definitely made an impact

Anette was amazing! I knew nothing about Pinterest other than to collect cool pictures for my personal boards, but she created a business account for me and within 3 months she got me to over 8K views on my pins! She was very clear on what would be posted, kept things interesting, and created the graphics, captions, and everything else that I didn't know Pinterest required in order to get you visible. Most importantly, she started directing traffic to my blog and my website from there which definitely made an impact! Thank you again, Anette, it was wonderful to learn from you and to work together!


Branding Coach, konstantandnew.com

I love how my Pinterest account looks like and I love the metrics I am seeing.

You did such great work! I love how my Pinterest account looks like and I love the metrics I am seeing. I hope more biz owners hire you!!

 You are very organized. You send me updates from time to time. You are flexible when we are changing goals. I also love the fact that you don't stop learning about the platform even if you are already great at it!


Dubsado Certified Pro Specialist

I'm very impressed at your work with very little direction from me.

Awesome job, Anette. The latest pins are getting mad views and impressions! I'm very impressed at your work with very little direction from me.


Digital Marketing Coach, kimberlyannjimenez.com

Here's what we're going to focus on:

Does your funnel converting? Let’s find out!

Before working together, let’s find out if your funnel is ready for your Pinterest leads and traffic. By conducting a thorough sales funnel audit, we can identify areas of opportunity and if to see if adding Pinterest to one of your marketing efforts will help you increase your revenue. 

Let’s take a closer look at your content, offer and ideal clients

Getting clarity on your ideal client is  essential for creating a successful Pinterest marketing strategy. Knowing the client avatar will help us create content and visuals that resonate with potential customers and drive valuable results for your client's business on Pinterest.

We will also check your content! By conducting a thorough content audit, we can identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within your client's Pinterest marketing efforts. The insights gained will allow you to refine their content strategy, maximize engagement, and achieve better results on the platform.

Pinterest account creation(no account) or makeover (for existing account)

Your Pinterest account has something to do with your overall Pinterest strategy. By refining its appearance and content, we'll align it with what your target audience is seeking, thus enhancing its appeal and driving meaningful engagement. Trust us to fine-tune your Pinterest account to unlock its full potential and captivate your desired audience effectively.

Strategy time!

Every business is unique, and that's why a personalized strategy is essential to achieve success on Pinterest. The things mentioned earlier, such as the performance of your Pinterest account, its searchability, and its alignment with your ideal client's preferences, all play vital roles in shaping an effective approach. 

Understanding your specific business needs and goals, we will meticulously craft a bespoke strategy that caters to your brand's distinct requirements. 

Let’s do the work!

Keywords research and pin design are fundamental pillars of a successful Pinterest strategy. The combination of targeted keywords and captivating visuals enhances your content's visibility, engagement, and overall performance, leading to increased brand exposure, website traffic, and business growth on the Pinterest platform.

Let’s celebrate! I’ll just leave it here, Pinterest is perfect fit for your business.

Don't take it from me, take it from my clients....

Package inclusions & Investment:

  • Pinterest strategy and consultation - (Value: $659)
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis - (Value: $699)
  • Pinterest management & scheduling - (Value: $399)
  • Canva powerhouse (all Canva graphics you need from lead magnets, blog graphics, pins, etc.)- (Value: $549)
  • Content repurposing (turning your longform content - podcast, video, masterclass to Pinterest content) - (Value: $699)

The total value of this package is $2806/month.

With this high level support, instead of $2806/month, you only get it at the starting price of US$460 per month for a minimum contract of 6 months!

Terms & Condition

  • Mode of payment: Wise or Paypal
  • Payment term: Monthly installment
  • Tasks outside the specified inclusions in the contract are billable and agreed upon prior.

Either party can end the contract for any reason by sending an email or letter to the other party, informing the recipient that the sender is ending the Contract and that the Contract will end in 30 days.

How can we get started?

We open limited spots every month to make sure that we give quality services to our clients. 

If you're ready to be supported on this NOW, we have 2 spots for September. You can also secure your spot as early as now for October and November

Note: We strictly give 2 weeks after you sign the contract and pay the first invoice for the team to prepare everything before we get started.