How to Avoid Burnout in Creating Content for Your Coaching Business

March 08, 2022

As a business owner myself, I know how it feels to get tired of creating content but not getting attention from your ideal clients, the worst part is you spend too much time creating content but not getting the result you wanted. 😥

We’re in the same shoe… a few months back, I spend long hours just to come up with just a day worth of content,

😢 I feel lost….. Am I in the right direction?

😢 I feel demotivated….. Why am I not getting the result I want?

😢 and frustrated, the worst part is I quit creating content for months because I am not attracting my ideal clients.

Let me share with you how I enhance my system and overcome burnout in creating content:

⭐️ Conduct Market research

The reason why you’re not attracting your ideal clients is that you're not speaking in their language. And the only way to do this is to talk to them 1 on 1, identify their goals, struggles, aspirations, and frustrations, invest time in knowing your ideal clients and you’ll never go wrong with that.

⭐️ Establish a Content Calendar System

Common mistake I usually see is failure to create a solid and strategic content calendar, the end result, you’ll run out of content and time will come you’ll just throw away content that is unintentional and has no value.

⭐️ Evaluate your Current System

Do you have a current content calendar system? Reassess it, double down the things that worked for you and remove things that are unnecessary.

⭐️ Recycle Your Best Content

I know you have a lot of amazing content out there, it might be a blog, a youtube video or a Facebook live video, use that! Take note that there might be people who haven't seen your blog or promote and each ideal client has a different way of consuming content. I really recommend this, this helps me and my clients save more time while still producing valuable content.

And the last and most important part is CONSISTENCY. No matter strategy you do but you’re not consistent with it, you’ll never get your desired result.

Imagine, spending more time in growing your business and taking care of your family! Isn't it wonderful? If this is something you need help with, let's have a tea chat and let's discuss how we can make it possible for your business.

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