5 Mistakes You're Doing in Social Media as a Coach

March 08, 2022

Some of your potential clients are actually looking for you. Can you believe that? ⁠

⁠You'll never know someone is looking for a⁠

✨mindset coach, because they want to ditch their negative thoughts and behavior,⁠

✨or a business coach, because they want to build their own profitable business,⁠

✨or a confidence coach, because they want to overcome fears and self-doubt,⁠

✨or a social media manager, because they need help in managing their social media accounts.⁠

There are endless possibilities and we're not taking chances here, ask yourself, once they land into your profile, what's the next thing you want them to do? Do you want them to see the movies you're watching or do you want them to stick around consume your post because it's valuable, gain their trust because you're positioning yourself as an expert, and buy from you because you are what they need?⁠

The best way to do is to be clear on what you do, who do you it for and how can you do it, simple right? But here's the common mistake I usually see:⁠

❌ Profile not converted into a business account

It's very important that you convert your personal profile to a business account. One advantage is you can check Insights and use this to see if your strategy is working or not.

❌ Not clear bio

Aside from putting your name make sure that you add your title - if your a mindset coach, add it.

Another thing is, the first sentence your audience will see in your profile is your bio, and take note you only have 150 characters to explain and express what you do. Keep this formula in mind 👉🏼 who do you help + what do you do + the result your ideal clients want to achieve.

❌ Not clear CTAs

So you write that awesome content, but you're not directing your audience where you want them to be, you're leaving money on the table. Make sure that you do it right, be 100% clear on what you want your ideal clients to do after reading your content. Do you want them to go to your landing page or leave their email on your opt-in page? Be specific and make sure it's easy to follow.

❌ No content strategy for social media

So you're creating content now, and you're wondering why you're just hearing crickets and no one is engaging with your content. It's great that you're sharing your experience about hiking last week but your content must be all about your audience, not just you. Plan your content in advance and provide value, add personal to build that know, like, and trust factor.

I believe that people have problems and you have the solution, but they'll never know how valuable your solution is if in the first 10 sec they'll press back instead of scrolling down into your profile.

Are your attracting your clients using Instagram? If you need help on how to turn your IG profile into a money making machine, let's have a tea chat! I'd love to learn more about your business right now! 🤩

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