Three Things You Need to Remember when Creating your Social Media Post

October 28, 2019

One of the most necessary but tedious in managing your social media accounts is creating your content. Imagine, spending hours coming up with content ideas, crafting your caption and designing your graphics but no one is engaging?! 

That’s why it is important to be intentional with creating it. You want your time and efforts to equate great results. And don’t forget, the reason why your posting content is to increase your visibility, so your people can see that you are an expert and you are capable of solving their problems.

That’s why in this article, I am going to share the three things you need to remember in creating your social media post.

Address your Ideal Clients pains, fears and goals

Let me tell you again, your market research is the foundation of your content. Through market research you will identify the best platform to post your content, what are the problems that they really need help with and what are the goals they want to achieve. When you have that information, it will be easier for you to craft your social media post. It’s like you're talking with a friend, if you want to have a conversation, you need to talk about relevant things to them.

Clarity is better than cleverness

When thinking about creating your social media post, don’t forget about clarity. You want people to understand what you’ve written. If people don’t understand your content, they will just walk past it. 

That’s why it is important to know what you want to say. I am talking about goal setting. When you know what your goal is, you can give clear direction to your audience. In addition to that, you should also know who you’re talking to. If your social media post is easy to understand plus it gives them value, there’s a great tendency that they will remember your content since it is not complicated to recall.

Repurposing your content is the key!

Have you repurpose your content? If not, let me tell you, you’re wasting your time creating fresh content everyday and it is exhausting (let’s be honest here!) According to Salma Jafri, “Create less, promote more, think of the time you’re going to save once you start repurposing your content. Reaching new audiences is one of the benefits of repurposing your content, it gives the opportunity to spread your content in any medium, let’s say your audience might be in different platforms, once you start posting your content to other platforms, you’ll get higher visibility. 

If you think repurposing your content is redundant, then think again. Repetition is essential in reinforcing your message. According to the Marketing Rule of 7, your potential clients need to hear your message seven times before they seal the deal. That’s the reason why your should repurpose your content.

To Wrap it up!

In achieving your business and social media goals such as brand awareness, audience engagement, building your authority and lead generation, content creation has a great role to play. Once you have created an effective content strategy for social media, it will help you to build long term relationships with your audience and can lead to increased revenue in your organization.

With the billions of content created daily, getting your audience's attention is an uphill battle, that’s why your content should be clear, easy to understand and engaging.

With this, you need to be clear who are the people that can benefit from your content, where do they spend most of their time, what are their problems that you  can solve and the goals they want to achieve.

Does your content strategy include social media posts? If you need help with creating content that speaks to your ideal clients, I'd love to talk about it! Book for free discovery call now.

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