Tools I Use as a Social Media Manager

October 28, 2019

How do I stay on top of my task as a social media manager? From building my brand to managing my clients’ social media accounts, it can be  overwhelming to think about all the tasks that I need to complete within the day.

Great thing, there are so many tools out there that have helped me in creating content, doing engagement, organizing my files, onboarding clients and a lot of other things. So I will reveal to you what are the tools that I use for my business.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Canva! From creating my social media content to preparing end of the month reports for my clients, Canva is my best friend(everyone’s best friend) 😂 What I really love about it is you can create, publish and share in just a minute because of its very friendly user interface.

Aside from that I can schedule social media posts right away. Canva has a lot of premade templates that you can use for your own project. And speaking of templates, I created Canva templates for IG and Pinterest, yours for free.

FB creator studio

If you’re looking for a free scheduling tool for Facebook and Instagram, FB creator studio is the best choice. I really love this tool because I can schedule carousels for free. When it comes to crossposting, FB Creator Studio allows you to schedule content in IG and FB at the same time. What a great time saver! In addition to that, you will also love their Analytics.

Airtable is an online platform for creating and sharing relational databases that is simple to use. It is straightforward, bright, and user-friendly, allowing anyone to create a database in minutes. People ask me what I use to create my content calendar and this is my answer - Airtable! 

What I really love about this tool is it allows you to view your project from different views, it has: Grid view, calendar view, and Kanban view. It is easier for me and my clients to collaborate, by leaving comments in every content.

Your business process has something to do with your customer experience. How you onboard your client, schedule calls with them,send your invoice and provide VIP experience reflects the overall journey you’re taking them. That’s why having a streamlined business process is one of my topmost priorities and I couldn’t do it without the help of Dubsado and the Dubsado specialist, Keren Ame

I booked a call with Keren and she helped me map out the whole processes inside my business and I realized if I have a streamlined business process, I will save not only time but my client’s time as well. Having an automated process is such a lifesaver!

Google Suite

I save the best for last! Who doesn’t love Google Suite, they got everything I need! This is where I write my content, store my files, plan my schedule and collaborate with my clients. It’s an all-in-one space for my business.

To Wrap it up!

There’s a lot of tools out there, and sometimes finding the right tool for your needs can be confusing. You don’t have to test them one by one just to know what tools will work for you. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Write down what you need and the features that you’re looking for.
  2. Brainstorm and list the tools that you think match to what you need.
  3. Visit their website and check the pros and cons.
  4. Ask your community, see if they have a Facebook group and you will find some valuable threads there.

Tools are not designed to complicate things, they are made to make your life easier. The key here is to find a tool that will simplify your life.

If you need help with managing your social media, increasing your visibility and maximizing your presence, I'd love to talk about it! Book for free discovery call now.

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