What is Pinterest Funnel and Why it Matters to Your Business

SEPTEMBER 01, 2023

You might be using Pinterest to save quotes, recipes, color palettes, or vacation destinations, but did you know that aside from that, Pinterest has great potential to help you grow your online business?

Pinterest is often considered an underutilized tool for business growth and acquiring more clients, especially for coaches and online service providers. However, not everyone in the industry is aware of this fact.

Some coaches and service providers try to use Pinterest for a month or two but end up feeling frustrated because they don't see the results they expected. The truth is, if you want to leverage the power of Pinterest, there's a strategy behind it.

Now, let’s talk about Pinterest Funnel for your coaching and service-based business.

First, what is a Pinterest Funnel?

Think of a Pinterest funnel as a roadmap that shows how people go from finding your stuff on Pinterest to becoming your customers. It's like understanding the journey from when someone first spots your things on Pinterest to when they actually do what you want, which is super important because it helps you make each step work better.

In your big plan for getting the word out about your business, Pinterest is like the starting point. It's where you go to introduce your brand to new people, make them curious about what you offer, and get them interested. It's like the first step to getting them excited about what you do.

Why Pinterest Funnel is Important to your Marketing Strategy?

The Pinterest funnel is a big deal in your marketing plan for a bunch of reasons. Basically, it shows how people go from finding your stuff on Pinterest to becoming your actual customers. Knowing this helps you make each step work better, like a smoother journey from just checking things out to actually buying.

It's like a treasure map for your business. You can figure out where to put your effort and resources for the best results. You can also make things feel personal by giving people what they need at each step.

When things are set up right, more people end up doing what you want, like signing up or buying your stuff. You can focus on the parts that really matter instead of doing a bit of everything.

The Strategic Pinterest Funnel

Let’s get to the gist! Here’s the important part building your Pinterest funnel, knowing each stages and what you can do during these stages to convert strangers to buyers.

1.Discovery - This is the stage where your potential clients find you on Pinterest. They typed something in the Pinterest search bar and they found your pin. This stage is very crucial because this is the start of their journey to conversion that’s why it’s important to really work on your keyword strategy and pin design. People in this stage are in different stages of their buyer’s journey, so keep in mind that there are people who are ready to buy and people that takes time nurturing before they buy from you so give a lot of value.

2.Interaction - There are three possible interactions you’ll get from the people after they see your pin, they either save it, click it for closer look and click it to check your content. These three interactions are important for your Pinterest stats but what we really want is the third one - to bring them to the nurture phase where you can send them personalized emails or messages that will help you connect with your ideal clients.


But it doesn’t end there. Make sure your website is set up for SEO to get the most out of all the new visitors. When they land your website, see to it that it you remove all the hassle such as slow loading time, lots of ads popping up and not optimize for mobile. Another thing, please ensure that your pin is relevant to your content, as Pinterest can detect when you're using clickbait tactics.

3.Nurture - Your potential client already made a first touch with your content during the Interaction phase, now what? 

After seeing the value of your content, they might find your freebie and sign up for it or book a call with you, whatever it is that means to say that you’re content resonates with what they need and they want whatever solution you have to offer. 

But this is not the end!

This is where your nurturing sequence comes into play. Your nurturing sequence must provide high-level value to convert your subscribers to customers.

4.Conversion- Because of the nurturing and valuable emails you've been sending, they've gotten to know and trust you. So now, when they're all set to buy something, you're the first one they think of.

This is what takes place within the funnel, and when executed correctly, you're not just making a sale you are also creating fans who might stick around for more cool stuff in the future.

The Pinterest Funnel in Action

Next is, let’s see what is the Pinterest Funnel looks in real life. We already know the different phases of the funnel, now let’s put it in some action: 

Your ideal client is looking for a way to find additional income and she heard from a friend that people are making money by working from home

She went to Pinterest and type “work from home job”. Since you did a very great job with your keyword strategy, your pin appears on top of the search results

Tendency is, there’s a lot of pins that talk about work from home job and different design, font, and colors but since your Pin Design stands out and speaks to your ideal client very well, she then clicks your pin.

After looking closely, she clicked the link and landed on your blog which talks about work from home jobs, work from home tips, how to start working from home. Then, she found out that you’re giving away free resources straight to her inbox and decided to sign up to your email list.

Now, she’s receiving your weekly newsletter and you are building relationships with her through your juicy tips and hacks on how to earn more while working from home.

When the time is right, she will say YES to your offer!

As you can see your Pinterest strategy must not only focus on Pinterest but also on your existing marketing strategy. Now, if you have an existing Pinterest funnel, let’s do a quick audit to on your Pinterest and your other marketing channels.

Let’s Audit your Pinterest Funnel

On Pinterest

  • Are you incorporating keywords in both your profile and pins to connect with potential clients?
  • Does your profile distinctly convey your identity, your services, and your target audience?
  • Is your content relevant to your Pinterest audience?
  • Is your pin clickworthy?
  • Does it capture the attention of your potential clients?
  • Are you pinning at least once per day?

On Your Blog

  • Is your blog post relevant to the Pinterest pin that you’re linking to?
  • Is your blog's loading time fast?
  • Does your blogpost include a Pinterest-friendly image?
  • Do you use headings and bullets to make it skimmable?
  • Do you embed your opt-in on your blogpost?
  • Or do you add a pop-up opt-in?
  • Are your call-to-action buttons and links easily found?

On Your Website:

  • Is it easy to navigate your website, with all relevant links conveniently placed in the header or footer?
  • Does each page contain enough information to stand on its own?
  • Do your Pinterest graphics and website design share a similar look and feel?

On Your Email Marketing:

  • Do you have a welcome sequence that extends beyond just offering a freebie?
  • Do you plan to offer exclusive discounts and promos for your email subscribers?

Pinterest is an awesome addition to your top of the marketing tool. Just keep in mind that the conversion of a Pinterest user into a lead or client is influenced by various factors. However, when you optimize each touchpoint along your Pinterest funnel, you maximize your potential for success.

It's worth noting that converting a client booking isn't the only way to measure success. For some, just getting people to join an email list is a meaningful accomplishment. Or perhaps your main goal is to sell more templates or courses.

If you need help with Pinterest funnel and how you can use it for your online business, book a free consultation call with me and let’s talk!

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